How to Create small offers that your audience will love with Tara Reid

Tara Reid

Business and Marketing Coach

Tara Reid is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She has been in the online space since 2007 and was building websites even earlier than that. Tara has a strong background in Graphic Design, SEO, and Marketing. She’s run several different types of businesses including her own 6-figure jewelry brand. Currently, she is a business and marketing coach who specializes in helping introverted female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs learn how to start, grow, market, and scale their business without the stress.


Tara is the Host of the Freelance Revenue Boost and Introvertpreneuer Summits, Pinterest Manager, the Founder of Introvertpreneur, a podcast and membership for introverted service-providers and entrepreneurs, and Founder of Entrepreneur Templates, a Canva Templates membership for entrepreneurs who struggle with creating beautiful graphics for their business.

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